Don’t just dream about the Mallorca Ballet Season, experience it!

The impressive Palma Auditorium, on the beautiful and emblematic seafront promenade, hosts this well-established festival of dance

The Mallorca Ballet Season is notable, above all, for the quality of its programme. Performances by stars such as Sara Baras, Victor Ullate and Ballet Lausanne have contributed to the national and international renown of a season that already has more than 20 years under its belt.

Since its first edition in 1995, the Mallorca Ballet Season has evolved over the years, exceeding all initial expectations. The Season takes place in Palma Auditorium’s Sala Magna which, with its theatre structure, is perfectly equipped for performing arts productions; its optimal conditions for sight and sound will offer you an unforgettable spectacle.

Palma Auditorium, one of the first buildings of its kind to be built in Spain, is known for its fantastic visual design and acoustics, its comfort and convenience. Located in a prime location in the heart of the Bay of Palma, it rises up in the heart of the Balearic capital, on the seafront promenade. With lots of nearby bars and restaurants you can visit before or after the show, the auditorium’s immediate surroundings offer spectacular views of the Gothic Cathedral of Mallorca. Especially recommended is an evening stroll along the promenade in the mild temperature influenced by the serene waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mallorca Ballet Season strikes a balance between Spanish, classical, neoclassical and contemporary dance. The most celebrated performances that have been seen at the Season have helped consolidate it as one of the most credible and high-quality dance events both at national and international level. Performers that have graced the stage include Sara Baras, Víctor Ullate, Rafael Amargo, Ballet Lausanne, Maurice Béjart, Ballet La Scala Milan, Julio Bocca and Ballet Argentino, Ballet Cristina Hoyos, Joaquín Cortés, Angel Corella & Stars of the American Ballet and Les Ballets de Montecarlo, and many more.

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