Visit to the Lazareto de Maó

Discover this impressive 18th century fortress for crews

From May to October ships depart from the port of the beautiful Cales Fonts to el Lazareto, a hospital fortress located on one of the islands of the enormous port of Maó. This was an obligatory stop for the crews from all ships entering the port, when contagious diseases such as the plague or leprosy were common in Europe.

A guided tour will show you the secrets of the building, which is surrounded by a seven metre-high stone wall and divided into three areas: one for the crew of ships with an epidemic on board, another for sailors with non-infectious diseases, and a third section for ships arriving at port with a sick crew member. 13,864 ships, 111,184 passengers and 276,693 crew members went through quarantine here. Since the 1960’s these facilities have been the setting for courses, activities and cultural visits.

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