Events Fira de Sineu

An event with a rural character with hundreds of stands of handicrafts

The market was introduced by a privilege of the Catalan King Sanç in 1318, and is an excellent place to buy groceries and handicrafts and to enjoy the best traditional cuisine.

Sineu celebrates every first Sunday in May its agricultural, cattle and handicraft art fair, which attracts numerous visitors. Traditionally, the market was a feast of farmers and ranchers, during which the peasants of the whole island came to the village to sell their products and buy tools and livestock. This character continues to exist thanks to the cattle breeders who display the best chickens, pigs, hares, sheep and donkeys - often from native races. 

There are also some ca de bestiar competitions which is a local shepherd dog breed, and porc negre, a local breed of black pigs offered at auction. With the meat of these pigs the best sobrasada and sausages of the island are produced. You will also find numerous stands with local products, from fruits and vegetables to the sobrasada, olive oil, wine and cheese.

On the streets of the historic city center, you will also find hundreds of stalls offering traditional crafts such as baskets and knives, and clothes, jeweler and accessories of a unique design. An excellent opportunity to shop and buy a real souvenir of the island

The visit to the fair is an excellent opportunity to discover Sineu. It was the seat of the Mallorcan kings from the 13th century, after the Moors were defeated, when they were outside Palmas. In the vicinity of the main square, you will find numerous bars frequented by the farmers, where you will be served frit, a dish of potatoes, vegetables and the pig 's or lamb' s entrails, finely chopped, roasted and well seasoned with a glass local wine.

Sineu has also a weekly market, which is held every Wednesday, and its cellers. These are former wine cellars, which have been converted into excellent restaurants with traditional cuisine. In them, you can enjoy emblematic dishes, such as arròs brut risotto with meat or tumbet, a combination of aubergines, potatoes and red peppers with tomato sauce.