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The Sustainable Tourism Tax: a higher quality destination

The sustainable tourism fund provides financial backing for projects to support environmental development and protection, promote sustainable tourism, restore historical heritage, perform scientific research and promote training and employment.

Since 2016 the Balearic Islands have had a fund that makes it possible to confront the high level of use of the islands’ territory and environmental resources as a result of tourism. This is the Fund to Encourage Sustainable Tourism, which is financed using the income generated by the Sustainable Tourism Tax and makes it possible to fund programmes that focus on:


Projects aimed at protecting, preserving, modernising and restoring the natural, rural and marine environment. In other words, this investment focuses on improving the quality of protected natural areas and conserving native flora and fauna.

Sustainable Tourism

Projects intended to encourage tourism in the low season and expand the job offer. Their aim is to extend tourist activity into the winter, spring and autumn, relieving pressure in the summer. To this end, sustainable tourism products such as hiking or bike routes, among others, are promoted.

Cultural Heritage

This includes all projects with the aim of focusing on restoring and renovating the historical and cultural heritage of the Balearic Islands. Consequently, renovating and improving the accessibility of emblematic buildings and areas of special architectural value will be possible.

Scientific Research

We can invest in scientific research that contributes to the fight against climate change and we can continue being a leading destination for tourism. This research makes it possible to keep the islands how they are today—surrounded by a healthy, living sea—and helps us improve and modernise them.

Training and Employment

These projects promote the creation of quality jobs, as well as improving working conditions and boosting professional training. Accordingly, the aim is to promote employment in the low season, which will in turn reduce the current seasonal nature of tourism.

In the first year, 2016, 30 million euros were collected, funding a total of 46 projects. Of these funds, 80% went on environmental protection and water supplies and the remaining 20% on measures to promote sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, development and innovation. In 2017 the total receipts came to 64 million euros. This has made it possible to approve 62 projects, such as “Water techniques and industry in the Balearic Islands”, “Renovating the Milà Nou estate to create the Menorca countryside visitors centre”, “Creating the Balearic Islands Hospitality Industry School in Ibiza” and “Acquiring the Sa Senieta estate and farmhouse”.

Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for the economy of the Balearic Islands. The prime objectives are continuous transformation, innovation and sustainable development over time. Accordingly, the impact of the Sustainable Tourism Fund’s investments involves improvement for the islands and is of great benefit for their society as a whole.

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