Horses are the stars of the Menorca festivities

You will be amazed!

The Menorcan horse is an indigenous breed of the island, featuring finesse and elegance, nobility, skill and discipline.

Horses are the main figures of all the popular festivities that the Menorca villages celebrate during summer. The starting point of the festive calendar is Ciutadella, celebrating its famous festivities of Sant Joan in June, and the ending point is September, with the Maó festivities. 

The celebrations include the caixers (riders) who are outfitted as de just (as a just man) and ride magnificent Menorcan horses, forming parades that wind through the main streets and squares of each village.

The festivities follow strict protocols and combine religious activities with the popular jaleos. During the jaleo the caixers enter the main square and stroll through the crowds, proving their skill as riders, making their horses jump while typical songs are played by the local municipal band. Crowds gather around the horses to make them lift their front legs, when the animal shows its power and nobility. A truly exciting equestrian show!

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