Craftsmanship in Menorca

Crafts are a fundamental part of Menorca's identity and cultural heritage. The island has a long craft tradition that goes back centuries and has been handed down from generation to generation. Menorca's artisans preserve ancestral techniques and are used to create unique pieces of great artistic value. Menorcan avarcas (sandals) and traditional blue pottery are the island's best-known handicrafts, but they are not the only ones. Handmade jewellery made from silver and natural stones and objects made from olive wood are just a few more examples of the island's rich crafts. In addition, traditional woollen weaving has been revived in recent years and high quality fabrics are available in local shops and flea markets. A visit to Menorca is a unique opportunity to see the craftsmanship and techniques used to make its products. Numerous artisan workshops and shops on the island are open to the public and offer an authentic, enriching experiences. Discovering the creativity of these people through the island's handicrafts is an excellent way to connect with its history and take home a unique souvenir. The Centro Artesanal de Menorca in Es Mercadal is a hub for Menorca's producers and the result of people’s adaptation their environment is featured in the permanent exhibition "Manufacturing Menorca. Crafts yesterday, today and tomorrow". There is a display of tools from family workshops and craft products are available for purchase. Don't miss the opportunity to see it all!

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