Menorca's coves and beaches

Idyllic white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water

Menorca's coves and beaches are some of the island's main attractions. Its coastline offers a wide variety of spectacular coves and beaches; the southern beaches found between cliffs and ravines, bathed by crystal-clear water, and the northern side featuring a wilder landscape and colder water.

Menorca is an island of slightly over 700 km2, making it very tempting to explore its numerous coves, as it is one of the most gratifying activities. The island is renowned for its well-preserved landscape, its beautiful coast and itsincredibly well-preserved coastline. It is no wonder that Menorca has been declared Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco.

The island is home to amazing coves and diverse beaches. On the northern side you will discover a natural landscape of warm colours and hues, moulded by the tramontane winds that blow on this side of the island. Add to this the difficulty in accessing some of its beaches and you will find that this part of Menorca is quiet and offers unbeatable panoramic views. The beaches of Cavalleria, Binimel·la, Cala Pilar, Cala Pregonda or Cala Morell are a small sampling of the prettiest spots on this incredible coast.

The southern coast is just as spectacular, with its coves and beaches of turquoise water and fine white sand, backed by towering cliffs that afford them a wild beauty. A good way to discover these is on the “Camí de Cavalls, which will take you to quiet and hidden coves. This area of Menorca offers amazing coves such as: Cala Mitjana, Cala Turqueta, Cala Porter, Cales Coves or Binigaus beach.

If you would like to see Menorca from a different perspective, be sure to discover its coves and beaches from the sea, you will not easily forget the experience. Where the northern coast is ideal for scuba diving, the southern coast is best for snorkelling.However, if going under water is not your thing, you can ride in a kayak, a canoe, a boat... and enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean experience.

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