Es Castell (Menorca)

Es Castell is located at the entrance to the port of Maó, in the shelter of the Castell de Sant Felip, built in the 16th century to protect the island from Ottoman attacks. Es Castell is the most easterly municipality in Spain, which is why it is the first place in which the sun rises, so an early morning spectacle is guaranteed from any of its beautiful coves.

Named Georgetown by the Englishwho ruled the island for more than a century, it is the town that best preserves the British legacy in Menorca: its central l'Esplanada square, the former parade ground, is surrounded by buildings and barracks painted in typical English red. Es Castell also has a great defensive heritage: here we find the Military History Museum, the Torre d'En Penjat and Fort Marlborough.

But Es Castell is, above all, a small Mediterranean village: its streets lead to Cales Fons, a charming fishing port with cafés, restaurants and small shops operating in caves.

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