Maó (Menorca)

Maó, or Mahon, is the administrative capital of the island and one of the most populated centres of Menorca, together with Ciutadella. It is located at the eastern end of Menorca and has one of the largest natural harbours in Europe, which has been one of the gateways for the numerous civilisations that have populated the island.

The historic centre of Maó is a tangle of winding streets with white buildings, typical of traditional Mediterranean architecture, interspersed with examples of English architecture, a legacy of British rule. Its most characteristic exponent is the boinder (an Anglicism derived from bow-window), a balcony covered with windows, typical of English architecture.

Maó is home to the Museu de Menorca, the beautiful Claustre del Carme market and the Teatre Principal de Maó, which is the oldest opera house in Spain. In the port, don't miss the Hauser & Wirth art gallery on the islet of Illa del Rei or a visit to the old Lazaretto, a building designed for quarantining people that today hosts cultural events, conferences and international meetings.

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