The Mediaeval Mercat of Capdepera: a journey through history

On the third weekend of May, Capdepera goes back in time and enters the Middle Ages

To commemorate the founding of the town in 1300, Capdepera offers its visitors the chance to explore a fair that takes place around the castle and its narrow streets, recreating the life and the main trades of its inhabitants in the Middle Ages.

The Mercat Medieval is held every third weekend of May at the Castell de Capdepera, a popular event that puts the castle – in an excellent state of repair – to good use and turns the town into an authentic medieval fortress. The town dons the clothing and manners of the period and takes on the colours, sounds and smells that will transport you to the Middle Ages.

This mediaeval fair was first held in 2000 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the town of Capdepera, founded by King Jaime II in 1300.

There are many activities you can enjoy in the town during the Mercat Medieval. The locals paint wooden shields depicting the heraldic imagery of their surnames and hang them in the windows and balconies of the houses. Children, meanwhile, are in charge of decorating the streets of the market with banners that they have made themselves. The streets are decorated with countless colourful ribbons.

During the days of the market, artisans from the Balearic Islands and beyond display their wares to all visitors. There are stalls full of typical products as food, handicrafts, textiles, music and games produced as you watch by smiths, blacksmiths, herbalists, silversmiths, copyists, carpenters, jugglers, shoemakers, magicians, embroiderers, sculptors, cheese makers and potters, among many others.

At the Mercat Medieval it is also possible to attend concerts, plays and lectures and to see exhibitions of mediaeval weapons. In addition, circus shows of humour and fire, with jesters and giants, will delight both locals and visitors.

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Castle Capdepera (Capdepera, mallorca)

A castle overlooking the town of Capdepera