Organ concerts in Santa Maria Church in Maó

The unique sound of an organ from 1810

Let yourself be enchanted by the sound of this imposing organ and the beauty of the Santa María church in Maó- an essential meeting with the religious music that will put you into the 19th century when this imposing instrument was built with its 15 meters height. The organ is undoubtedly the hub of the Santa María church. The concerts take place every day, with the exception of Sundays, from May to October.

If you are walking through Maó, the Santa María Church is undoubtedly one of the first architectural treasures that will attract your attention. It is a neoclassical temple with enormous masses, which stands opposite the town hall. The church is characterized by the pretty facade. The main façade looks out onto the 'Pla de sa Parròquia' (the square of the parish church); it is extremely important to the Menorquines, for many festivals and celebrations are celebrated on it.

Inside you will find the organ built by Swiss Johann Kyburz in 1810, decorated by Francesc Comas, a sculptor from Mahón. It is a specimen of invaluable artistic value.

Its 15 meters height and 9 meters width, its four keyboards and 3006 wooden and metal pipes surpass all expectations of visitors entering the temple. Do not only enjoy it with your eyes. Try to complete your visit and listen to the wonderful sound of the organ. The concerts take place every day, except Sundays, at 11am between May and October. Whether you are a music lover or not, you should not miss one of the concerts.

Do you dare to enter into the church?