The mansions of Ciutadella

An architecture that will surprise you

Each walk through the historic center of the beautiful Ciutadella will take you to the raise the head and admire the majestic palaces and manor houses that tell you the history of Menorca.

Most of these houses were built between the 17th and 19th centuries, especially under the rule of the British, when the nobles and landowners wanted to display their social and economic status.

They are true architectural jewels that unite the local style with Italian and British trends of those centuries. Most palaces have a large vestibule at the entrance, sometimes with elegant stairs and inner gardens. From May to October, you can visit some of these palaces, such as Can Salort on Plaça del Born Square or Can Olivar, opposite the Cathedral. 

During the walk, you will discover the lively shops of Ciutadella, with shoe, cheese, sausage and other shops selling local products that surround the lovely market square of the town. You will also find restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent traditional seafood cuisine.

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Cathedral Menorca (Ciutadella, menorca)

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