Cove S'illot

A beach of coarse sand and pebbles in the Bay of Pollença

This sand beach, crowned by a rocky island - an illot - that gives the beach its name, is located in the wonderful bay of Pollença.

You are in the area of La Victoria, a wooded area, on the highest point of which is a chapel surrounded by ancient pine trees from which you can enjoy wonderful views. S'Illot is a special enclave, with a shore of coarse sand and gray pebbles - about 130 meters long and 15 meters wide - with turquoise, transparent water: the ideal place to practice water sports such as kayaking, paddle surfing or snorkeling The seabed surrounding the illot, you will discover wonderful underwater landscapes. Although the beach does not offer any services, you will find on the right side a bar with terrace overlooking the Cape of Formentor, next to which is a picnic area with tables and chairs in the shade. It is an ideal place to spend a beach day with the family in the midst of a Mediterranean landscape where you will fall in love forever. 

To reach S'Illot from Alcúdia (4.6 km) you have to follow the road signs to the sports port of Bonaire and then to the Camí Vell de la Victòria. There you will find the branch to S'Illot, which has two small parking lots.