Local producer SA CASA PAGESA

A family organic farming project

Sa Casa Pagesa is a family company dedicated to organic farming, producing seasonal fruit and vegetables, most of which are varieties native to Mallorca. They have two estates, in Sant Jordi and Son Sardina, where they grow and sell their produce and raise their animals.

Sa Casa Pagesa is the name of an organic farming project led by Antoni Feliu, growing and selling organic produce: fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes, on large estates in Sant Jordi and Son Sardina (Mallorca), where he also raises animals. 

The produce available from Sa Casa Pagesa is seasonal, so it all depends on the time of year. They also specialise in recovering local varieties of fruit and vegetables, and in raising indigenous animal breeds, such as the Mallorcan black pig. “We have spectacular genetic heritage on the island,” explains Antoni.

As organic farmers, they are working to help preserve the environment. They do not use any chemical products that are harmful to the environment or to the health of humans and animals, and have been certified by the Balearic Council of Organic Agricultural Products (CBPAE). “It would be nice if people were more aware of what they put in their mouth to eat,” says Antoni.

He and his family have always farmed organically. Their philosophy is to have as close a relation as possible with consumers. “The benefit remains in the area. There’s none of the coming and going of goods, and we don’t waste much power on refrigeration,” he explains, because what is pulled from the ground is sold directly over the rest of the week. Direct sales mean that “the relationships we have are very human”.

Produce from Sa Casa Pagesa is sold every Friday afternoon at the Sant Jordi farm, and during the rest of the week in various places around the island: in Palma at the organic market in Plaza Bisbe Berenguer Palou on Tuesdays and Saturdays; at Can Picafort on Thursdays; and at Valldemossa on Sundays.

Polígono 49 parcela 5 de Sant Jordi
07199 Palma de Mallorca


+34 695 57 35 33