Local product Sopes mallorquines

A typical first course of bread and vegetables

This is one of the most representative recipes of Mallorcan cuisine. A delicious first course, which cannot be missed in any menu in the traditional island restaurants. It is prepared with seasonal vegetables and bread softened in broth.

The sopes mallorquines (Mallorcan soups) have much of "Mallorcan" and little of soup, at least if you think of a soup eaten with a spoon. In fact, this typical dish of the island can be eaten with the fork, because it basically contains vegetables and black bread slices soaked in broth.

It is surprising how much vegetables these soups contain. Since it is always seasonal, the recipe always depends on the season and taste of the chef: cabbage, chard, green beans, spinach ... The bread has to be sliced into thin slices, which can hardly be accomplished by hand. (That is why it is usually bought already cut). There are also variations, such as de sopes de matances, which contain meat pieces or pork sausage.

Another essential element to boil good sopes is the vessel. The greixonera is a pottery terrine, which is indispensable in traditional Mallorcan cuisine. The vegetables are slightly fried. Then water is added. The soup is cooked for 30 minutes. Later the bread slices are added so that they soak well in the broth.

To try this dish there is nothing better than one of the many cellers (the typical Mallorca restaurants) or one of the many restaurants that offer the traditional cuisine of Mallorca. In the 13th century, the famous Mallorcan Ramón Llull mentioned soup with soaked bread, but it lasted until the 18th century until today's recipe arose.

A humble dish, which has become the king of Mallorcan cuisine over time.