Museum Sant Antoni i El Dimoni

Cultural Space

The Museum of Sant Antoni i el Dimoni de Sa Pobla is devoted to the traditional, popular festival of Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony) which is held in the area every year, one of the best-known traditional celebrations on the island.

The museum takes you on an iconographic tour of the different elements of the Sant Antoni festival, such as the dimonis (devils) and capgrossos (big festival heads), among others. It also includes a photographic exhibition, drawings, symbols and an audiovisual screening that, along with explanatory texts, introduce visitors to the essence of this festival documented in sa Pobla since the 14th century. A visit to the museum lets you capture the festival spirit and understand a lot of its rituals, its expression, while reflecting the traditional feeling of Mallorcan society. Several private institutions collaborate with the museum.

Located in the building attached to the Can Planes complex. It has a surface area of 184m2.
C/ Antoni Maura, 6
07420 Sa Pobla



+34 971 54 23 89