Venue Can Casasayas y Pensión Menorquina

The expression of Art Nouveau

Can Casasayas and the Menorquina pension are buildings envisioned with an original symmetry and dynamism that are common to the modernist “Art Nouveau” style.

Both buildings are similar, symmetrical, separated by Santacília street. They were built upon the orders of Josep Casasayas Casajuana, owner of the Can Frasquet bakery. Francesc Roca designed them and supervised the start of the construction phase, although both buildings were later finished under the supervision of Guillem Reynés. 

The lower floors bring the structural elements out into the open, such as the metal columns. The floors have a undulant design and treatment that is achieved thanks to dynamism and plasticity. The ironwork on the balconies and the woodworking on the window casings complete the effect. The openings are parabolic arches and other varied shapes. 

The accentuated artistic-dynamic treatment enables us to classify the buildings as part of the modernist Art Nouveau trend. The decorative ingredients are not overly plentiful, but stylisations of ferns, acanthus plants and butterflies are depicted, especially on the capitals and in the wrought iron of the balconies.

Plaça del Mercat, 13-14
Palma de Mallorca