Cove En Blanes

A beautiful palm grove next to Ciutadella!

The En Blanes Bay is surrounded by dense vegetation and a beautiful palm grove on the sand, the shade of which will protect us on days with great heat.

This small bay of about 40 meters in length is located in the urban area of Ciutadella; so its visitors, who enjoy the white and fine sand, are more locals than tourists. The ambiance is very family-friendly since the beach, in addition to its services such as beach bars, rescue floats, hanging mats and children's games, protected from the winds, flood and waves. This makes it possible for the children to enjoy a pleasant, safe and quiet beach day. 

Since the beach is located in a city area, access to the beach is very easy, and it is practically impossible to get lost because everyone knows the beach - a very comfortable beach for those looking for a pleasant bath without a lot of jingle.