Events Fiestas de la Mare de Déu de Gràcia de Maó

Come and discover the anticipated celebrations of the Minorcan summer

From September 5th – 9th, Maó is filled with life, music and color in honor of the Mother of God. Traditions that last the time and lots of fun. The capital gives everything during its feast!

If you travel to Menorca, there is a city that you will surely visit. We're talking about Maó. The capital is not only the entrance gate to the island; it has a lot to seduce you: from the pretty port, protected from the imposing La Mola fortress to the streets of the old town, full of history ... But if there is something that defines the summer of Maó, then it is unstoppable Ambience during the festival. Live the feast of the Mother of God!

In these days, Maó renewed its joyful character to honor his patron saint. The Mother of God brings with her the traditional colcada (equestrian parade) and the jaleo, which has shaped the culture of the island so strongly. The Replec begins; the moment when the horsemen and their adorned horses are grouped together again to resume the ride from the Ermita de Gràcia chapel to the town hall.

Then the horsemen begin with their mythical jaleo and the paseo del Caragol (snail step) through the old town. People gather around horses and horsemen to make them dance with their own ritual.

Supported by their two hind legs, the horse dance to the sounds of music, and all human begin breaking out in joy. Later, another highlight will follow: hundreds of visitors enter the square of the famous cry "Volem vi" (We want wine), which is answered by the balcony of the town hall with a rain of wine-filled botas (leather bottles). Pure Minorcan essence!

Maó preserves its tradition, but it also gives its visitors numerous activities to enjoy the whole week during the day and at night. Cultural events, games for the children, parades and the dance of the giants, gastronomic days and lots of music for every taste. Yes, and do not forget that on the last day, the celebration continues at the port. It is a unique place, with great fireworks as the highlight of the festivals waiting for you!

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