Local product Caldereta de Llagosta de Menorca

The essence of the Minorcan Sea

The Caldereta de Langosta is the star among the dishes of Menorca. The dish is prepared with local ingredients and is a delight that all visitors of the island should taste.

Traditionally the caldereta was a dish of fishermen, which was prepared with the fishing of the day. The lobster arrived relatively late. The name - Caldereta de Langosta - comes from the clay pot (caldero) in which the dish is prepared.

The main ingredient is the red lobster, which is fished in the traditional way in Minorcan waters. It is important to select for this dish local ingredients for this tasty dish that appeals to all the senses. The main philosophy is a good sauce of onions, red and green peppers, garlic, tomato, olive oil from the Balearic Islands, salt, peppers and sweet peppers, well grated roasted salty almonds, garlic, fresh parsley, fried bread and a good lobster from Menorca.

You will find this culinary gem on the menus of most of the island's restaurants, but there is one place that surpasses everyone else. It is the small fishing village of Fornells. Here live the true masters of this Minorcan dish and here the most famous caldereta de langosta is prepared.