Sanctuary Monte Toro

An emblematic religious sanctuary atop the highest summit of the island

Mount Toro is the highest point on Minorca, offering a viewpoint looking out on nearly the entire island. The sanctuary built at the top, dedicated to the Virgin of Monte Toro, is one of the most important spiritual places on the island.

Perched atop the Monte Toro, the highest mountain of the island with 365-m , is the sanctuary and convent dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Monte Toro. The medieval sanctuary and convent--references to it appear in records from 1291- was rebuilt in the 17th century (1670) on an old Gothic church. 

The temple is a one-floor building with three side chapels, and is crowned by a small dome over the transept. Off one side is a reproduction of the cave where, as legend has it, a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared when a bull charged into some rocks. This statue is currently the Patron Saint of Minorca and has gained considerable devotion.

The tower or ‘atalaya’ of El Toro has a rectangular plan and a sloped base. It is currently 10 m high, although originally it was probably slightly higher. Medieval in origin, it was enlarged and remodelled as part of the network of lookout towers along the coast. It consists of three floors connected by a spiral staircase. Until recently, the tower belonged to the Ministry of Defence to house antennas for military use. It is now undergoing restoration so that it can be opened to the public. It is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural.

Monte Toro
07740 Es Mercadal