Discover the Balearic Islands’ best foods

Traditional cuisine with distinctive Mediterranean flavour and quality

The Balearic Islands are home to a wide variety of mouth-watering, high-quality products such as olive oil, wine, Maó (Mahón) cheese and Hierbas Ibicencas liqueur. Products rooted in this land, whose mark of identity is based on authenticity and tradition. You can find them in the best establishments, markets and fairs around the islands. Bon Appetit!

The Balearic Islands have a rich variety of products which, thanks to their history and tradition, carry designations of origin or quality labels guaranteeing their origin, flavour and manufacture.

One of our most traditional products is wine. There are several geographical areas in the Balearic Islands devoted to viniculture and wine production. Mallorca has two designations of origin (DO), Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, with wines produced mainly from local variety grapes. There are also other wineries in the Balearic Islands producing wine under the geographical indication of Vi de la Terra. These include Malvasía, a dry white wine produced mainly in the Serra de Tramuntana, where the traditional terraced vineyards overlook the beautiful coastline of villages such as Estellencs and Banyalbufar. You can take various several routes around the island to visit wineries where you can enjoy wine-tasting.

Another essential product in local cuisine is virgin olive oil, which is produced mostly in Mallorca and Ibiza. You can visit the oil mills to find out about its production process and at the same time discover one of the jewels of traditional Majorcan architecture.

There is also an impressive array of local sausages. The most iconic is sobrasada, made from prime pork meat, spices and generous amounts of paprika, which give it its characteristic aroma and flavour. Maó (Mahón) cheese is Menorca’s flagship product, produced following ancestral methods from the very best cow’s milk, in keeping with tradition.

The kingdom of desserts is ruled by local specialities such as Majorcan ensaimada, pastry spirals that are produced in different sizes and varieties, either unfilled or with angel’s hair preserve, and Ibizan flaó, cheesecake flavoured with mint.

Other products that you can find in the markets are the excellent Majorcan almonds, much appreciated by master bakers for their exquisite qualities, and the ramellet tomato, a local variety grown using the dry farming method, which is perfect for making the traditional pa amb oli (bread with tomato and oil).

Local spirits and liqueurs offer a world of subtleties. The Palo de Mallorca is a dark-hued beverage produced by macerating cinchona bark and gentian. Mahon gin is a clear, juniper-flavoured, English-style gin produced in Menorca. And the Hierbas from Mallorca and Ibiza are produced by macerating anise with a secret combination of aromatic plants.

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Gastronomic market Claustre del Carme (Maó, menorca)

A market that is a hub for culture and music in Mahon


Winery Ribas (Consell, mallorca)

Vino de la Tierra Mallorca


Winery Macià Batle (Santa Maria del Camí, mallorca)

Vino de la Tierra Mallorca


Local product Oli de Mallorca (Alaró, mallorca)

The liquid treasure of the Serra de Tramuntana


Local product Sobrassada de Mallorca (Alaró, mallorca)

The classic sausage


Local product Formatge-Maó Menorca (Alaior, menorca)

The handmade taste of the field products


Local product Ensaïmada de Mallorca (Alaró, mallorca)

The sweet ambassador of the island


Local product Tomàtiga de ramallet (Alaró, mallorca)

An essential component of the pa amb oli


Local product Herbes de Mallorca (Alaró, mallorca)

The aromas of Mallorcan fields in a bottle


Local product Herbes eivissenques (Eivissa, ibiza)

The emblematic liqueur from Ibiza


Local product Gin de Menorca (Alaior, menorca)

British heritage


Local product Palo de Mallorca (Alaró, mallorca)

The star of Mallorcan aperitifs


Local product Sal líquida de Formentera (Formentera, formentera)

The white gold from Formentera with more than twenty-five centuries of history


Local product Sofrit Pagès d'Eivissa (Eivissa, ibiza)

Traditional cuisine of the Pitiusas Islands


Local product Greixonera (Eivissa, ibiza)

The traditional dessert of Ibiza


Local product Caldereta de Llagosta de Menorca (Alaior, menorca)

The essence of the Minorcan Sea