Flora and fauna of the Balearic Islands

Discover the treasures of nature that you will only find here

For centuries separated from each other and the rest of the continent, the species of our islands have taken their own path. Therefore, there are many endemic species that are unique and can only be found on our islands. They coexist with the typical nature of the Mediterranean Sea.

The islands´ natural environment of the islands is of immeasurable wealth and one of our most important legacies - ecosystems and habitats such as salt meadows and wetlands, mountainous areas, gorges and cliffs, where many animal and plant species live.

The fauna and flora of the island, typical of the Mediterranean, concentrates the greatest diversity of species in the sea, with more than 400 different species of fish, hundreds of crustaceans and invertebrates and marine birds, among which the endemic Balearic shearwater is particularly noteworthy. But the crown jewel of our seabed is undoubtedly the Posidonia oceanica. This marine plant forms sea grass meadows, which provide protection and food to many species, as well as enriching the water with oxygen and keeping it clean. The Posidonia oceanica is also responsible for the crystal clear color of the waters of our island.

On the land we find 124 species of endemic plants; 32 ferns, 31 orchids, 67 protected species and some 130 introduced from outside the islands, coexisting with the almost 2,000 species of the Mediterranean. They are spread over a variety of habitats. In the animal world, the island counts more than 300 endemic animal species, most of them insects, snails and other invertebrate animals. But if something characterizes our islands, then it is the lizards, like the Balear lizard and the Pitiüsa lizard. Other endemic animal species are the Ferreret toad, almost a fossil that lives in the gorges of the Serra de Tramuntana and is almost a symbol of Majorca. Mondragó Natural Park, Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), also houses a variety of birds.

Among the endemic bird species are, besides the Balearic shearwater, species such as the Balearic warbler (Sylvia balearica) or subspecies such as the goldcrest or the Eurasian blue tit. And as far as the endemic species of mammals are concerned, the garden of Formentera is the star.

We must not forget that the salt marshes and wetlands of the islands are also an important habitat for migratory birds. Flamingos or species such as the fish eagle fly these rich areas to rest and nest. In short: on the Balearic Islands you will find a wealth of nature that will surprise you.

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