Marine reserves on Mallorca

Discover how you can enjoy these protected areas of high ecological value

The marine reserves of the island have become a tourist attraction thanks to the biodiversity of the sea and the many plant species. They are scattered throughout the Mallorcan coast, with interesting flora and fauna: algae, fish, coral, crustaceans, sponges, echinoderms and some depth, lobster.

Mallorca can boast to own one of the richest sea beds of the Mediterranean. With an enormous diversity of biotopes and species, Mallorca has sea beds, ranging from the so-called forts (rocky soils covered with algae) and coral soils to seed plants, such as sea grass Posidonia oceanica, among others.

Its value is so high that protected areas (reserves) have been created, with the aim of promoting the natural regeneration of the resources and protecting the most representative sea beds of Mallorca limiting certain activities.

In order to discover the great beauty that is hidden under the waters of the island's marine reserves, it is necessary to know the rules beforehand, as every reserve has its own norms. All have a special protection area, and access to this protection zone is prohibited.

The marine reserves of Majorca are:

Reserva marina del Migjorn de Mallorca: it covers the internal waters between Cap Blanc, Cap de Ses Salines and Cala Figuera in Santanyí, with a total of more than 22,000 hectares, among which the waters of Cabrera stand out.

Reservas marinas de la Isla del Toro e Islas Malgrats: in Calvià. It has a privileged seabed, with different biotopes, species and benthic groups of high ecological value.

Reserva marina del Llevant: 5,900 hectares between Cala Mata and Es Cap de Freus, in the north-east of the island. More than 900 species and up to 32 groups live in very good condition.

Reserva marina del Freu de Sa Dragonera: in the west of the island, opposite the coast of Sant Elm. It covers 912 hectares with sea grass Posidonia oceanica, and a rich biodiversity.

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