The Blauets of Lluc, the song of one land

The Lluc Choir (Escolania de Lluc), from the Mare de Déu church service, has a long history known both on and off the island of Mallorca

Formed in 1531, the Blauets de Lluc choir has an enviable musical background. Even though their singing can be heard every day at the Lluc Sanctuary, one of their main acts is on the 24th December, when they perform the Song of the Sibyl.

The Lluc Choir, commonly known as the Blauets due to the blue colouring of the cassock worn during celebrations, is one of the most ancient cultural institutions in continental Europe. In the Lluc Sanctuary Archive, the choir was officially appointed as the permanent choir at the Mare de Déu de Lluc church service, patron of all Majorcans, in 1531.

The more than 20 songs produced attest to the extensive repertoire that has been created over the years and the work done by different directors who have managed this endearing Majorcan choir. The musical career of the Blauets, known throughout Mallorca and beyond the island itself, features collaborations with the Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra and performances in the UK and France.

The service performed by the Choir is enacted in the daily singing of the Hail Mary, morning and night, before the image of the Mare de Déu, except for Saturdays. Accompanied by visitors and pilgrims passing through the Sanctuary most loved by Majorcans and the Illuquers (demonym of Lluc citizens), the Blauets intone their voices to all those who come to the Lluc Monastery for spiritual refuge. The Monastery offers accommodation in an oasis of peace set in the middle of the unspoiled nature of the Tramuntana Mountains.

There are two main events during the year where the oldest Majorcan choir sings at the Matinesmeaning midnight massat Christmas and Easter. On the 24th December they perform the traditional Song of the Sibyl, dating back to medieval times and surviving over the years in Mallorca and L’Alguer. Declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, the Song of the Sibyl is enjoyed all over Mallorca’s municipalities. However, the Matines continue to be the most attended and biggest traditional midnight masses held in the Sanctuary of Lluc and the Palma cathedral.

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