The port of Maó

The largest natural port of the Mediterranean

The port of Maó is a natural outcrop in the easternmost part of Menorca. Historically, the harbor was the key to the island's dominion. For this reason, the harbor is full of historic buildings that make it a landmark to visit.

The best way to enjoy its beauty is by sea, with one of the regular ferry connections from Palma, Barcelona or Valencia. The port has a length of more than 5 kilometers, and extends from the easternmost tip of the island like a tongue to the gates of the city of Maó.

The existence of the harbor has already documented since the 3rd century BC, C. documented; He offered the sailors an incomparable refuge. In Maó the Phoenicians, Greeks, Rhodians, Phocaeans and Carthaginians have left their mark.

On the southern edge of the estuary, the old San Felipe Castle is remarkable. It was built around the middle of the 16th century. Its underground galleries can still be visited during an exciting night tour. The town of Es Castell, which houses the S'Esplanada military museum, is equally remarkable. Here are the most important buildings of the place.

In the northern part stands the La Mola Fort, one of the largest fortresses built in the 19th century. It was erected at the behest of Queen Isabel II. A visit to this imposing structure allows you to discover the architectural, natural and scenic values of this wonderful place.

In the port of Maó there is also a series of small islands making the harbor even more attractive. The largest of these islands is Lazareto Island. It is so called because it housed a hospital between the beginning of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Now, two hours of guided tours are held during the summer months. In the port we can also find the Illa de la Quarentena, or Illa del Rei, in honor of King Alfonso III.

The shores of the harbor are speckled with coves such as Cala Llonga, Cala Rata, Cala Figuera and Cales Fonts o Cala Pedrera. The lovers of water sports have four different ways to anchor: Sa Colàrsega, Cala Llonga, next to the Punta de Cala Rata and Illa del Rei Island.

On the promenade you will find a rich gastronomic and leisure offer to spend a pleasant time. Here you can enjoy some of the traditional dishes of the island, such as the caldereta de langosta (lobster). In addition, gin lovers will have the opportunity to get to know the factory of Gin Xoriguer. This brand has a distillery on the Muelle de Ponent.

An interesting way to get to know the port of Maó is on board a tourist catamaran. They operate from April to September.

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