Andratx (Mallorca)

Andratx stands in a very special place, one of the valleys at the beginning of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. This location and the stunning natural surroundings have attracted many artists and writers. Perhaps for this reason, Andratx has become a town devoted to art and is famous for its modern and contemporary art galleries.

Andratx is not on the coast. In fact, it was built inland because of the constant looting it suffered in antiquity. Testimony to this is the 14 watchtowers built in the 16th century, 12 of which are still standing. However, it is often confused with Port d'Andratx, its port. The famous Dragonera Island is very close by and there are regular boat trips to this natural paradise, which is also a marine reserve.

The local area is well known for the production of oranges, almonds, olives and grapes. And, during the almond blossom season in February and March, it offers a marvellous landscape.

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