Ariany (Mallorca)

Ariany is one of the youngest and least unknown villages in Mallorca, as it is not connected to the motorway. However, thanks to the well-known cycling race, Mallorca 312, which attracts thousands of people every spring, it has grown in popularity and is now a meeting point for fans of this sport.

It is a very small village of about 900 inhabitants. There are, however, a number of authentic local festivals and markets with a great deal of character and authenticity. The people of Ariany are very proud of their roots and on the third Saturday in July they celebrate their municipal independence day, which they achieved in 1982, with a giant tramponada, a traditional pastry topped with oven-baked vegetables, and a big evening fair of local hand-crafted products.

We recommend visiting the church of Mare de Deu de Atotxa and enjoying the peace and quiet with a drink in the main square, the Plaça Major. The square comes alive with the local market on Thursday mornings. In the surrounding area there are several windmills, typical of the Pla de Mallorca area, and less than a kilometre from the village are the old wells of Pou Bo and Pou Jurà, an interesting visit for lovers of ethnological artefacts. 

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