Artà (Mallorca)

The traditional village of Artá is famous for having succeeded in maintaining its traditional character and for its rich historical heritage. With straight, narrow streets and sandstone buildings, it is situated at the heart of a large valley. One of the must-see sites in the municipality of Artà is the fortress and the Sant Salvador Sanctuary, built in the 14th century. To get there you have to walk and climb 180 steps. Inside the church are some works of art and outside there are impressive views of Artà and the surrounding area, from where the coastline peeps out timidly.

It is also worth taking a walk through the Talayotic settlement of Ses Païsses, an archaeological site dating from 850 BC that will give you a deeper insight into the ancient history of this region of Mallorca. In addition, just a few minutes away by car, you will find several beaches and coves, and the famous Coves del Drac caves.

The surrounding area is known for the production of handmade pottery and basketry. These products can be found at the craft market held every Tuesday morning on the Na Batlessa estate, as well as a local produce market on Plaça del Conqueridor square.

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