Búger (Mallorca)

Búger is the ideal place for getting in touch with nature. It is the smallest village in Mallorca and is located in the Es Raiguer region, in the north of the island. The area is distinguished by its fields of carob trees, almond trees and windmills, which reveal its agricultural past (and present).

Despite its small size, Búger is one of the main meeting points for cycling and hiking enthusiasts, who are attracted by its beautiful landscape full of rows of carob trees. In addition, unique, handcrafted items, such as glass bells, wooden spoons and cowbells, are made here.

Búger is also a good place to try traditional Mallorcan pastries. One of the best breads and ensaimadas, sweet rolls, in the Balearic Islands is made there. This, together with a relaxing stroll through its historic centre, with its narrow streets and sandstone buildings, ensures a quiet and peaceful afternoon in the style of authentic Mallorca.

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