Costitx (Mallorca)

Costitx is one of the villages that has been best preserved and retains the most deeply-rooted traditions of rural Mallorca. In this small town on the Pla de Mallorca you will discover traditional ethnological items used to optimise the natural resources and outstanding country estates or possessions. On the first of May they celebrate the Dia de les Flors, day of the flowers, when the village is decorated with flowers and plants.

One of the most famous places of interest in Costitx is the site of Son Corró, a primitive sanctuary from the Talayotic period. It was discovered by chance by a farmer more than a century ago. Here the remains of three bronze ox heads were found, the greatest exponent of the bull cult of this prehistoric period, which are now on display in the National Archaeological Museum.

Costitx is also an ideal place to admire the night sky. In fact, the astronomical observatory of Mallorca, where supernovas, asteroids and comets are studied, is located here. The centre can be visited on pre-arranged guided tours.

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