Esporles (Mallorca)

Esporles is a beautiful mountain village located in the western part of the Serra de Tramuntana range. It is a town that has managed to preserve its particular charm, with an architectural landscape that combines the stone buildings typical of the mountains, which stand along the narrow cobbled streets beside the typical village houses that are found all over the island. A stream runs through the village, which is connected by several bridges.

Strolling around Esporles is a real pleasure for the senses, culminating in a visit to the great Gothic church of Sant Pere.

In addition to the undeniable attraction of the historic centre of this beautiful Mallorcan village, one of the main attractions of Esporles is the Sa Granja de Esporles possessió (estate), which dates back to the 10th century.

As the gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, the municipality of Esporles offers endless possibilities for hikers. From the village you can connect with the (GR-221) Ruta de la Pedra en Sec and enjoy trails with impressive holm oak forests and countless ethnographic elements.

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