Llubí (Mallorca)

Llubí is a rural municipality of 2,000 inhabitants in the Pla de Mallorca area. It is surrounded by fields of crops and full of the characteristic caper plants, whose macerated fruits, capers, play an important role in Mallorcan and Balearic gastronomy.

The nine flour mills in the area reveal its strong agricultural character. Historically it has been linked to the production of almonds, capers, carobs and honey. For this reason, enjoying the local products is one of the pleasures of being in Llubí. Indeed, it offers a wide range of gastronomy and, despite being a simple little town, it has avant-garde options in which they experiment with the delicious local products that come from their land.

It is also highly recommended to stroll around its narrow streets and admire its parish church, its windmills and the typical Mallorcan village houses. Very close to the centre is the Talayotic site of Des Racons, an ancient settlement measuring two hectares whose existence has been recorded since the 9th century BC. On this site there are still well-preserved remains of the walls, a cave and 5 talayots (megaliths), some of which are among the most imposing in Mallorca.

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