Llucmajor (Mallorca)

Llucmajor is the largest municipality on the island and is full of options for all tastes and for discovering Mallorca little by little. One of its advantages is its location, as it is very close to the airport and very well connected to the city of Palma.

This town has a rich history and is home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the western Mediterranean. One of the major examples is the village of Capocorb Vell. It was one of the first to be studied and is one of the largest on the island. According to research, it was inhabited during the Bronze Age and, thanks to archaeological excavations, 5 talayots (megaliths) and 28 dwellings have survived to the present day. 

The town prospered because of agriculture, livestock farming, the shoe industry and the production of handicrafts made of wood, stone and iron, of which it continues to be a benchmark for the island. Nowadays, it also produces liqueurs (such as Herbes de Mallorca) and sausages, such as sobrasada.

But the municipality also has 47 kilometres of coastline, although the main town is inland. It is however close to white sandy beaches and turquoise waters where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Water sports enthusiasts have their place in Llucmajor, as it offers great sailing, diving and snorkelling experiences.

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