Petra (Mallorca)

Petra is a wonderful example of the most rural, traditional Mallorca. It is in the heart of the island, in the area known as Pla de Mallorca, perfect for a rural getaway. It is famous for being the birthplace of Fray Junipero Serra, the Franciscan friar who founded California, so there are several attractions related to this historical figure.

Petra is a picturesque village with rural charm and very well maintained. It is a pleasure to walk along its narrow, winding streets between stone houses. A visit to the Gothic church of Sant Pere is a must.

Petra is a great place to visit to immerse yourself in local produce. On Wednesday mornings there is a weekly market of food products, such as fruit, vegetables, sobrasada sausage and artisan cheeses. Petra also belongs to the Pla i Llevant DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), so that touring its vineyards and tasting the excellent wines produced in the area is a highly recommended activity.

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