Sant Joan (Mallorca)

The village of Sant Joan is a small farming village in the centre of the island, in the area known as Pla de Mallorca. It has a population of 1,600 inhabitants and is the village that has best preserved and disseminated the island's traditions. 

It is an eminently agricultural and livestock farming village. The main product is wheat, which is of renowned quality, plus garlic and pig breeding, especially the well-known Mallorcan black pig.

Here you will find the Els Calderers estate, an old Mallorcan possessió (agricultural estate) which is also a place for learning about what life in the countryside was like in Mallorca in the past. This area also has animals of local breeds, such as the Mallorcan pig. Another highly recommended visit is to the hermitage of Sant Joan, known as the sanctuary of Mare de Deu de la Consolació, from where you can admire the surrounding countryside,.

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