Santa Margalida (Mallorca)

The rural municipality of Santa Margalida is set amidst fields of cereals and carob and almond trees in blossom. The village is small and ideal for walking and has buildings of great architectural interest, such as the parish church of Santa Margalida, the old manor house of La Casa den Verga Jove, the rectory house and the Apotecaria Vella, the apothecary’s shop. It also preserves numerous ethnological elements that reveal the town's agricultural past, such as the old Pou d'Hero well and former flour mills.

In this municipality is the public estate of Son Real, an extensive necropolis with sites almost 4,000 years old and one of the main examples of the archipelago's archaeological heritage. In the same place you will find and can visit a Mallorcan possessió , rustic estates linked to the island's agricultural production.

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