Sencelles (Mallorca)

Sencelles is a charming rural village in the centre of the island, in the region known as the Pla de Mallorca. Its municipal district is home to several llogarets (small villages in the Mallorcan language) and touring them is a real pleasure for the senses and for connecting with the most authentic and rural Mallorca, as they had intense agricultural activity in the past, mainly focused on the production of wine and cereals. 

You cannot miss the ancient Talayotic settlement of Son Fred, one of the largest archaeological sites in Mallorca, inhabited in 1,000 B.C.; remember its agricultural past from the windmills and visit the church of Sant Pere.

As we are in a land of wine, one of the essential things to do is to visit some of its wineries and vineyards, taste the excellent products that are produced in the area and take the opportunity to pair them with the wide range of gastronomic options available here, from the most creative and innovative cuisine to the most traditional, in which you can taste the local specialities and the famous variats, the local tapas.

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