Ses Salines (Mallorca)

The municipality of Ses Salines is located on the southernmost tip of the island in the district of Es Migjorn. It is one of the most unusual places in Mallorca. It is easy to guess the origin of its name: Ses Salines has a large number of salt ponds, from which Es Trenc’s famous flor de sal, natural sea salt, which forms in a protected natural area, is extracted. This place offers guided tours for learning about the origins of this ancient practice in Mallorca. In fact, the salt ponds of s'Avall are considered to be among the oldest in the world, as they were active in Roman times.

The village is on the top of a hill, from where you can look out over the surrounding countryside, the sea and the Cabrera archipelago. The coastal area offers plenty of activities for enjoying the area’s privileged natural environment and its Mediterranean lifestyle, sun and sea: here you can go snorkelling, diving, kayaking or sailing. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers and for enjoying direct contact with nature by hiking or taking cycle routes.

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