Villafranca de Bonany (Mallorca)

Vilafranca de Bonany is a small rural village of less than 3,000 inhabitants in the heart of Mallorca. It is located 40 kilometres from Palma and far from the main tourist centres, which gives you the opportunity to discover an authentic landscape and a welcoming atmosphere that will encourage you to have experiences based on tradition and local culture.

The church of Santa Bárbara, the town's patron saint, and the Ca Ses Monges building are two of the most emblematic architectural features of this peaceful village in the interior of Mallorca. Vilafranca de Bonany is also surrounded by archaeological sites: it has no less than 14 catalogued archaeological sites.

It is famous for its delicious melons and the fair dedicated to this summer fruit, which is held at the beginning of September and where visitors can discover the flavours of the local produce of the area.

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