•  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

  •  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

  •  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

  •  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

  •  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

  •  Serra de Tramuntana

    Serra de Tramuntana: guide for visiting it

    Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

Visit the Serra de Tramuntana

The Tramuntana Mountain Range is one of the most visited tourist attractions and the main mountain range of the Balearic Islands, so if you are visiting Majorca you cannot miss it. The mountain range offers multiple activities and routes adapted to all people and tastes. Continue reading and discover everything you need to know.



The Serra de Tramuntana is a natural spot with an area of 63,084 hectares, of which 1,123 are marine. 

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Tramuntana Natural Park is one of the greatest examples of the perfect integration of the human footprint with nature, offering as a result a very interesting combination of culture, heritage and nature.

It extends over the territory of 20 municipalities, from Andratx to Pollença. Picturesque towns such as Sóller, Fornalutx, Deià, Valldemossa, Banyalbufar, Estellencs, Sant Elm or Galilea show you the countless details of what life is like in the surroundings of this mountain system.
Vista aérea de la Sierra de Tramuntana



The Serra de Tramuntana presents a variety of incredible landscapes, and its impressive views, with peaks of more than 1000 meters, will captivate everyone who ventures onto its cobblestone paths. Here are some routes, with different levels of difficulty, for hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana.

La Ruta de Piedra

The Ruta de Piedra (Ruta de Pedra en Sec) or GR 221 is the most famous and best conserved hiking route in Majorca. The route, approximately 280 kilometres long, consists of eight stages and stretches from Andratx to Pollença. At the end of each stage the hiker has a shelter network provided by the Consell de Mallorca to spend the night.

Despite reaching heights of 1000 meters in some stages, it is a route that is suitable for everyone. It is recommended that beginners start with a simple stage or be accompanied by a mountain guide. 

Senderismo en la Serra de Tramuntana

Puig des Teix

The ascent to Puig del Teix (1062 meters) is classed as high difficulty. This excursion departs from Valldemossa and involves a distance of 15 kilometres to be covered in approximately 4.5 hours. 

One of the highlights of this route is the Camino del Archiduque (Camí de s'Arxiduc), a spectacular dry-stone path built in the late nineteenth century by Archduke Luís Salvador of Austria, via which part of the ascent is made.   

Ermita de Maristella y Fita del Ram

This is a moderate climb to a viewpoint over the village of Esporles and from where you can appreciate the bay of Palma and the mountains around it, such as the Planícia Props, Sa Mola, the Galatzó mountain or Na Bauçana. The path that leads from Esporles to the Hermitage of Maristella, and from there to the Fita del Ram, takes approximately 2 hours and is relatively easy, so it is especially recommended for families.


These are just some of the hiking routes in the Serra de Tramuntana, others recommended are the Torre Picada and the Camino de S'Illeta, La Comuna de Fornalutx and the Camí des Correu.


The Serra de Tramuntana also has a great variety of activities and excursions for those who prefer more relaxed tourism, so if that is you then take note of other things to do during your getaway to the mountains. 

Sóller train route

With more than 100 years in operation, the Sóller train has become one of Majorca's main tourist attractions, combining history, landscape and art. The journey to the village of Sóller, which departs from Palma, takes approximately one hour and, during the journey, you can enjoy the views–which include viaducts, bridges and 13 tunnels–and a beautiful journey back in time.

Paseo por la Ruta del Tren de Sóller

Wine route

For several decades Majorcan wine has been having a moment of splendour, so if you're a wine enthusiast and you're strolling through the Serra de Tramuntana, you can't forget the Wine Route, a different and original plan to taste and learn a little more about the region's original wine. 

Cyclotourism in the Serra de Tramuntana

Cycle tourism is becoming more and more important on the island of Majorca. The varied and attractive orography  of the island makes it one of the best destinations for cycling. The mountains are a real paradise for more experienced cyclists willing to face winding roads and heights of 1000 meters, as well as more relaxed tourists who prefer to stroll through fields and villages of great beauty. Adapt the route to your liking and dare to pedal around the island.


Some of Majorca's most beautiful towns are in the Serra de Tramuntana, the combination of sea and mountain that the island offers means all its towns have a special charm. Here are some of them:


Located 20km from Palma, Valldemossa is the most touristic town. A picturesque town with stone houses, cobbled alleys, medieval façades full of colourful flowerpots, dreamy sunsets...everywhere you look has charm in Valldemossa.

Familia de paseo por el pueblo Valldemossa en Mallorca


Situated on the west coast of Majorca, Deià is a smaller and less touristy village than Valldemossa, but just as charming. Perched at the base of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean, Deià has for many years attracted famous artists, writers and creatives in general - the most well-known being the famous writer Robert Graves.


Sóller It’s one of the most important and historical towns of the Serra de Tramuntana. The town is situated in the famous “orange tree valley”.


Fornalutx is located at the top of the Serra de Tramuntana, above the valley of Sóller. It is recognised for the conservation and care of its monuments and buildings. Lose yourself in its narrow streets  and see for yourself.


Pollença, located to the north-east of the island of Majorca at the base of the Serra de Tramuntana, is one of the most special municipalities of the island, it is a unique place in Majorca, see for yourself by just listening to its inhabitants, who have an exclusive dialect on the island. In addition, it is a place with a lot of history and tradition, with a wild natural landscape and with numerous buildings of great tourist attraction.

Excursión en barco por la Serra Tramuntana en Mallorca

If you are passing through these towns you cannot leave without trying the local gastronomy

If you want to stay at one of these towns you can find different options using our search engine .

The Serra de Tramuntana is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic sites of the Balearic Islands. Come and visit it and enjoy the best views of Majorca and its nature.

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