Es Migjorn Gran (Menorca)

The picturesque white village of Es Migjorn Gran is the smallest on the island. It is also the youngest, as it became independent from Es Mercadal in 1989. It is located in the central area, in the southern part of the island and, although it is an inland town, its municipal district has a long stretch of coastline on which the spectacular coves of Sant Tomàs and Binigaus are located.

Strolling around the narrow streets of Es Migjorn Gran is a pleasure for the senses. The bucolic natural surroundings combine with the simplicity and tranquillity of this traditional village with a Mediterranean essence. In fact, many artists have come here in search of inspiration and every two years the Gran Migjornale is held, a great cultural event in which artists from the island or those with close ties to it exhibit their works in the private houses of the village, which open their doors to visitors on those days.

In Es Migjorn Gran we also find a wide and interesting variety of splendid dishes and some of the most prestigious restaurants on the island, which combine the most traditional recipes with creative cuisine.

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