Discover the traditional peix sec of Torrente de S'Alga in Formentera

An ingredient full of history and excellent taste

The Torrent de s'Alga is located on the east coast of Cap de Barbaria, a small and lovely bay, where you can discover how the fish is dried in the sun. You can get here on one of the island´s 32 rutas verdes (Green trails), like the one from Cap to Torrent. 

Upon your arrival at the bay, you will have a wonderful view of the Migjorn coast and La Mola cliffs. The tortuous path leads past stone walls and to a postcard-like bay with wooden jetties and house boats surrounded by fishing nets and equipment.

The dried fish of Formentera is a very ancient tradition of fish preservation; it allows eating fish all year round. First the fish is salted and then hung up in the sun on pine trees to dry.

You can enjoy this delicacy in the delicious Formentera salad. You probably already know which the main ingredient is; it is not the Mediterranean breeze!

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Local product Peix Sec de Formentera (Formentera, formentera)

A unique handmade specialty with Mediterranean flavour


Lighthouse Cap de Barbaria (Formentera, formentera)

The moderner of the two impressive lighthouses on Formentera


Lighthouse La Mola (Formentera, formentera)

A place to take measure of the world, as Jules Verne said