Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià - Festivities of Mallorca

Fire and demons, stars of the winter holidays

Attend to the most important local festivities in Mallorca: Sant Antoni (Mallorca) and San Sebastiá (Palma de Mallorca). More information here.

These two saints take pride of place in the January festival calendar. Every year, on 16 and 17 January, is the festival of Sant Antoni, patron saint of animals, loved by the islanders. The most spectacular celebrations take place in Sa Pobla, Manacor and Artà where foguerons (bonfires) and dimonis (demons) take centre stage at one of Mallorca’s most well-loved holidays. Take advantage of your stay in Mallorca to get to know the island, click to see what to visit in Mallorca.

Then, during the week leading up to 20 January, the feast of San Sebastian, patron saint of Palma, the city becomes a hotbed of activities, music and many other options for all ages. A particular highlight is the Revetlla de Sant Sebastià (19 January) a full-on festive night with concerts in every square of the capital, and bonfires where residents and visitors gather to toast local produce over the flames.

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