Visit the spectacular terraces of the Palma Cathedral

Enjoy a unique viewpoint of this gothic monument that opens the heavens to the public.

The impressive Palma Cathedral opens its bell tower and terraces so the public can admire the most emblematic monument of the island from a different and unique viewpoint. From April to October, La Seu offers visitors a one hour 360 degree tour of its beautiful terraces. In the eastern part of the Cathedral, it is possible to see the whole architectural buttress arch system, the rib like structure supporting the central nave and the stained glass. To the right you’ll find one of the visit’s biggest attractions; the back of the central rose window, consisting of 1,115 coloured pieces of glass. It is one of the largest gothic style windows in the world and if you look closely at the various pieces of glass, you can notice the contrasting tones of the rose. After this pleasant walk, you can climb up to the 208th step, bypassing the rose window, and from this ideal viewpoint, look down upon the two halves of La Seu, the north façade and the south façade. In addition to the beautiful views of the interior, you’ll be able to take in the city of Palma from all angles, pointing out the city’s gems along the horizon, such as the Bellver Castle or the Almudaina Palace. You can visit the cathedral in groups of up to 25 people.