From Ciudadela to Mahón

Routes to discover the heart of Menorca by bike

Prepare yourself toexplore the interiorof Menorca with the bike; an excellent island to discover on twowheels. The island is practically flat; the highest point of theisland is the Monte Toro, with its 358 meters and without greatdifferences in altitude, and the distances between the most importantand interesting places are short.

The two mostimportant towns, Ciudadela and Mahón, are only about 50 km apart.Six routes in the interior, parallel to the highway, connect bothvillages.

Onthese itineraries, you will find villagessuch as Ferreries, Es Mercadal and Alaior, which are worth a stop.The traditional landscape of the Minorcan fields and the historical heritage complete these proposals

Apartfrom these itineraries, Menorca offers up to 30 other cycle paths,all well signposted and with different degrees of difficulty, whichmake the heart ofany lover of this sport and the fresh air beat. Do you start cycling?

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Events Camí de Cavalls Epic 360 (Maó, menorca)

Live a legendary adventure through the historic trail around the island


Events Volta a Menorca BTT (Ciutadella, menorca)

BTT along the Biosphere Reserve


Events Vuelta Cicloturista Internacional Menorca (Maó, menorca)

Discover Menorca on your bike


Sanctuary Monte Toro (Es Mercadal, menorca)

An emblematic religious sanctuary atop the highest summit of the island


Archaeological Site Taula i Talaiot de Trepucó (Maó, menorca)

The "prehistoric capital" of the eastern side of the island


Archaeological Site Poblat de la Torre d'en Galmés (Alaior, menorca)

One of the finest examples of talayotic villages on Minorca and the second-largest in size


Archaeological Site Torralba d'en Salort (Alaior, menorca)

The village with the best-conserved taula on Minorca