Let yourself be surprised by the magical route of the Lighthouses

An idyllic route to the most impressive landscapes of the island

You can start the route at Faro de la Savina, on the rocks near the port. The lighthouse was of great importance for navigation in this area. The Faro de Cap de Barbaria stands on majestic cliffs, offering a spectacular panorama view and one of the best sunsets of the Balearic Islands. The next stop is the Faro de la Mola lighthouse, the most famous and the one that most impresses. It stands on the edge of 100 meters high cliffs and offers a natural light and color play leaving nobody unaffected. 

The place is also known as the lighthouse at the end of the world, and is part of a novel by the famous Jules Verne. This is a route to get to know these buildings so well integrated into the maritime landscape, and which cannot be separated from it. With new technology questioning the role and future of lighthouses, now is the time to enjoy the ever-impressive and evocative form of these structures which are so firmly integrated into the perception of the marine landscape, accompanying the visitor to the edge of the cliff.

Route points


Lighthouse Cap de Barbaria (Formentera, formentera)

The moderner of the two impressive lighthouses on Formentera

At the far southern tip of the island, Barbaria recalls the presence of the African coast far out to sea. For the safety of mariners, this lighthouse was built, raised on a rough landscape of rocks and wind-blown shrubs.


Lighthouse La Mola (Formentera, formentera)

A place to take measure of the world, as Jules Verne said

A lighthouse on the abrupt eastern edge of the island of Formentera.