Events Fiestas de Sant Jaume en Sant Francesc

The most anticipated festivity on Formentera!

Festivities offer the opportunity to remember the rural traditions and to keep the very old customs intact. That is why the inhabitants of Formentera live their festivals in a very special way. The festivals are celebrated uninterrupted during the summer and mark its beginning. One could say that between the 30th of May and the 12th of October, a single, continuous feast, for every taste, is celebrated. Live music and fun on the streets is the main feature of these festivals.

If you love popular traditions, this festival will please you... On July, 25th, the municipality of Sant Francesc celebrates the most important feast of the island in Formentera, in honor of Sant Jaume, patron of Formentera. Formentera celebrates its festivities with various activities for all tastes that start one week before the big holiday: exhibitions, workshops, sports, outdoor concerts, a flower power festival, demonstrations of the ball pages (peasants´ dances), etc.

The great holiday is July, 25th, when the whole village is decorated in honor of its patron saint, and a mass is celebrated in the Sant Jaume church. It is an ancient fortress, which was the origin of the village.

Gastronomy also plays an important role during the festival, with tastings of the traditional Orelletes after the church procession. When the night falls over the village, the locals and the visitors enjoy the music, a fireworks and the dance with the orchestra on the Sant Francesc square.

Live with the locals the great festival of Formentera. Would you like to participate?