Flea market Hippy Market de La Mola

A hippie market with chic

Every Wednesday and Sunday from May to October, the artists of the island gather at this colorful market to show their fashion creations, accessories, jewelry, wooden figures and items made from other materials.

If there is a place in Formentera where the hippie atmosphere is particularly lived, it is the hippie market of La Mola, the meeting point of the island artists; the market offers us a time travel to the 60s and 70s when everything was peace and freedom.

Every Wednesday and Sunday from May to October, El Pilar de la Mola is transformed into a lively artistic and cultural center, where the artists and designers of Formentera meet to showcase their works, at the southern tip of the island (with the famous La Mola Lighthouse).

A stroll between the market stalls is an unforgettable experience. Visiting the Hippie market of La Mola will allow you to immerse yourself in the ambience and spirit of those hippies that landed in Formentera in the 60s and who, seduced by the freedom and peace of the island, never left them again.

Today, years later, these newcomers of the 60s coexist with the new generations in La Mola in a colorful market. Here you can see and buy the most varied works made of wood, silver, leather and other materials, which are modeled by the imagination and made ny hand.

Artists, locals and tourists mix without complexes in a joyful and colorful ambience, sometimes inspired by live music, by fairy tales or dances, where you can also enjoy various gastronomic offerings at the food stands.

A show for the eyes of those visiting this stronghold of a way of life which has perhaps already been forgotten and removed from our everyday habits.

Av. de la Mola
07872 Formentera