Flea market Sant Ferran

An essential appointment with the best works of art on the island

At sunset, the best artists of the island gather in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, showing their works that reflect the lifestyle of Formentera.

The small village Sant Ferran de Ses Roques is transformed into the largest shop window for art in Formentera thanks to its Mercado Artesano. It is held on all days, except on Wednesdays, from June to October.

After sunset, the village turns into a lively meeting place thanks to the lively nightlife, live music and, above all, the art market.

From 20:00, the best artists of the island show their works on the Calle Mayor (Main Street). They transform the street into a large open-air art gallery through which to walk while admiring pure art is a true pleasure

Local artisans and sculptors show their latest works of art, which are the subject of the island of Formentera, its nature, its way of life and the spirit of the naïf, although many others are also inspired by personal experiences.

The artists themselves take care until midnight of the numerous audiences that come to San Ferran, eager to get to know and buy the paintings, sculptures and other original and unique art objects. It is, of course, difficult to find these objects of art outside the island.

Many local artists, such as Aaron Keydar, Nuria Fortuny, Paz Aguado, María Esther Hausman or Robert Hawkins, among many others, have exhibited their works on the Sant Ferran market.

On Tuesdays in August, workshops for children are held by the artists on the market. So a visit to Sant Ferran is an ideal plan for the whole family.

Part of the market is reserved for local artisans. On their stands, the best artisans of the island show both to tourists and locals jewelry, fashion and leather goods

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